The Islamic Civilization Park (Taman Tamadun Islam)

Good to know
      • Monument Park:
      • 1. Kudus Al-Minar Mosque, Indonesia
      • 2. Pattani Mosque, Thailand
      • 3. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Brunei
      • 4. Sultan Mosque, Singapore
      • 5. Taj Mahal, India
      • 6. Kalyan Minaret, Uzbekistan
      • 7. Lutfallah Mosque, Iran
      • 8. The Sacred Mosque (Masjidil Haram), Saudi Arabia
      • 9. Badshahi Mosque, Pakistan
      • 10. Aleppo Citadel, Syria
      • 11. Mohammad Ali Mosque (Alabaster Mosque) Egypt
      • 12. The Prophet’s Mosque (Al-Nabawi), Saudi Arabia
      • 13. Suleyman Mosque, Turkey
      • 14. The Great Mosque of Qairawan, Tunisia
      • 15. Agadez Grand Mosque, Niger
      • 16. Mausoleum of Abu Nasr Parsa, Afganistan
      • 17. National Mosque, Malaysia
      • 18. Kul Sharif Mosque, Russia
      • 19. Great Mosque of Samara, Iraq
      • 20. Minaret of Xian, China
      • 21. Dome of The Rock (Qubbah As-Sakhrah)
      • 22. Al-Hambra Citadel, Spain
      • 23. TTI Waterwheel
Pulau Wan Man, Losong Panglima Perang
Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu 21000
view phone+60 9-627 8888
view fax+609-630 9020

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The Islamic Civilization Park (TTI) is one of Terengganu’s newest attractions situated on Pulau Wan Man Island in the estuary of the Terengganu River. The park is a colourful mosaic marked by 23 exquisite miniatures of famous mosques, monuments and a working replica of a waterwheel showcasing the grandeurs of Islamic arts and architecture.

Among the facilities here are the souvenir shops, restaurant, a recreational lake, a commercial area and a convention centre. Audio Visual presentations and signage focusing on heritage and history provides interesting informative tours.

How to get there:

‘Bas Kite’, the Heritage City bus ply their daily route around Kuala Terengganu City including Taman Tamadun Islam as the last stop. Visitors could take a trip on this ‘Bas Kite’ from Taman Shahbandar to get to Taman Tamadun Islam.

Admission fees:

Adults: RM 21.20
Senior Citizen (60 years & above): RM 15.90
Children ( Age 7-12 years): RM 15.90
Children ( Age 6 & below): FOC (accompanied by parents)

Adult Ticket Inclusive of :

- Entrance Ticket
- Passport - Meal Voucher RM 2.00
- Souvenir Voucher RM 2.00

Senior Citizen & Child Ticket Inclusive of :

- Entrance Ticket
- Passport

• Last admission is at 6.15 pm. The monument park is closed from 11.30 am - 2.30 pm on Friday.

• Park & River Cruise operation is CLOSED every Tuesday EXCEPT during Malaysia School & Selected Public Holidays

Mondays - Thursdays: 10am - 7pm;
Fridays - Sundays, Public & School Holidays: 9am - 7pm